We enable data driven business modelling in an operating system for macroeconomic human-machine systems. Our topics of expertise are exchange rate systems, custom currencies, smart energy networks and E-mobility, smart cities and in general supra company structures like cooperatives and any other value chains which can all benefit from a holistic approach.

We are building the software for understanding and implementing economic human-machine systems within data and process virtualization and integration services like the Platform-Q! of Q-nnect which is a next generation enterprise ressource planning (like SAP) system. 

We unite computer science and economics and concretely extend structural econometrics which can be understood to be an explainable AI for economics.


Econometrics can’t stop at forecasts but needs to understand how humans decide within their context - i.e. we need to understand how the content of systems react to changes in the context which are the design choices in the system´s setup. In order to simulate what if scenaria while reasoning about the system design we need to compose the actual behaviours of the system with hypothetical behaviours. Hence, the decision models need to be composable and not reductionistic.

Our technology is built on the formal semantics of visual programming language for quantum computers which we have adapted for economics during the last ten years when we have conducted the needed foundational research in order to not screw up with our ultimate ressource - the one and only Earth.

Now, becoming practicle, we are providing as the core technology, decision building blocks with compositional operators for optimizing system design.


We are providing the data types and protocols of a platform where human-machine economies can be composed, implemented and optimized. 

We are delivering models for smart energy nets with e-mobility within hierarchical intelligence layers of smart cities and optimal currencies.