We help you to design your system including intelligent

decision algorithms for humans, machines and nature.

There are in general three structures needed for that:


Internet of Things

ERP Organization

Legal Setting

We connect to the data of any database, internet device or ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft,...) system. In addition we take care of legal regulation, privacy laws or any other legal setting


Contrafactual Scenaria

Agent, Contract Behaviour

Compliance, Performance

Since we are aiming to change the system design we need to carefully model the involved decision units and how they might react to a changed setting. For that the goal driven strategic interactions are represented as a game (theoretical model). Counterfactual simulations allow you to explore the space of new designs while measuring performance and compliance restrictions. 


Learn, Search Optimal Decision

Organise System, Institutions, Decisions

Mechanism Design by Inverted Games

Finally we aim to control your system by learning how the components behave, we interpret these decision and try to find optimal ones for those parts of the system which you control. Once we combine the optimal control and the exploration of your system design we arrive at an optimal organisation of your system which is the core of our offer.