We model You

You model You

OiCOS is a technology and research company that bridges the gap of the application of economic models in IT systems in order to provide dynamic governance solutions for heterogenous human-machine ecosystems. Our business model virtualization interface is based upon a visual programming language and provides a domain specific language for ecosystems to automatically render smart contracts. Our virtualized compositional accounting environment can integrate with any existing accounting, ERM, DLT, database or cloud system in order to apply advanced economic reasoning and structural machine learning to existing use cases.

What we Offer

  • Digital twins of your ecosystem​​

  • Economic modelling and consulting

  • Econometric models (Big Data and AI)


Modelling and Implementation of Ecosystems

  • Inside ecosystems

    • Accounting systems

    • Production and process optimisation

    • Compliance systems

    • Token models and custom currencies

    • Data monetisation with incentive compatible rules

    • Auctions and negotiation models and training therein

    • Experimental design to learn from behavioural data

  • Across ecosystems

    • Ecosystems, platforms, cooperatives, holdings

    • Human-machine ecosystems

    • The Internet of Things

    • Energy networks

    • Cross company coordination

    • Value chain optimisation

    • Auction and market systems

How we Offer: our production process

Design: We model You

  • We learn the rules, interactive agents, accounts, processes, data and computing devices of your ecosystem​.

  • We incentivise the agents to align their actions with the goals of your ecosystem.

  • We design the rules and institutions of your ecosystem.

  • We define your smart accounting system.

  • We model the digital​​ twin of your ecosystem.

  • We design the experiments to learn about your ecosystem.

Deploy: You model You

  • We deploy the digital twin of your ecosystem ready for you to learn and improve your ecosystem.


Tool for Offer: OiC.OS - operating system for ecosystems
  • Economic Engine
    Layers of the software stack for human-machine ecosystems


    • Governance                         ... rules and institutions of the ecosystem​

    • Decisions              ... games as strategic interactions in the ecosystem

    • Accounting                       ... any accounting rules or units of accounts


  • Infrastructure
    Advanced Q!-Platform for integration and virtualisation services


    • Processes                          ... read from and write to any ERP system

    • Data                                       ... read from and write to any database

    • Computing                       ... on any cloud or Internet of Things device


Build your ecosystem

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