Our modelling software is built

on the Q-platform of Q-nnect
where we can do econom(etr)ics on top of

any computing, database or ERP system.

Q-nnect is our most important partner.

We are closely collaborating on strategic product developments and common customers

beside having fun together in our common office.

LambdaForge shares our vision of ecosystem modelling by functional programming and category theory. We are co-developing the economic modelling IDE for a better world.


Seedlab digitalises large companies with

disruptive technologies of startups.

We are very proud to have convinced Regine,

the founder and CEO of Seedlab,

to become part of OiCOS.


FP Complete has helped to implement

our prototype with Haskell, 

the most advanced

programming language.

The mathematics, semantics and compiler for Haskell is developed by our research community.


Conexus is an MIT spin-off where the

most advanced databases are build

based on the same most advanced

mathematics for complex systems we use.

Statebox is a start-up where the most advanced visual process engine is build

based on the same most advanced mathematics for complex systems we use.


DNVGL is a large

renewabale energy consulting company.

Together we have we developed

an advanced smart battery software.

The OiCOS energy models profited a lot from the collaboration with Hycube on their business model for a virtual plant.

Lucid Minds are our buddies of an

agent-based simulation start-up

who share our vision and fun of

ecosystems modelling.


Stat-Up is a Big Data pioneer 

and an OiCOS buddy 

since their very beginning 12 years ago.

Academic Network