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Simulation Software Project for Prosumer Networks

Aktualisiert: 27. Jan. 2021

Our project in the renewable energy sector is going into the next stage. After we have finished the first stage in March 2020 the Corona catastrophe hit us and we have postponed the second stage which is going to happen only now, about one year later. We will extend the prosumer (E-vehicle, battery and solar panels) set up into a network of prosumers. Here, the basic questions to ask are how to configure a prosumer community which may be thought as an electricity set up for many apartments in a quartier of a city or a village. There are many possible highly complex design choices like sharing batteries or solar panels within this community or how to price electricity exchange within the network or with the external energy grids. This stage of the project will also implement highly non trivial econometrics (or what is now called interpretable AI models) for the understanding of E-vehicle usage within the very interesting data set of the involved battery and solar panel manufacturer. The challenges here are to cluster the mobility users, characterise their actual decisions regarding the setup of their systems and calculate the involved economic tradeoffs. The goal here are customer segmentations and product design decisions for the manufacturer of the systems involved in order to optimaly serve their customers.

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