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Simulation Software Project in Mobility on Renewable Energy

Aktualisiert: 27. Jan. 2021

In March 2020 we have finished a software project in the renewable energy business. We have connected E-vehicles, home batteries and solar panels for consumers into an Internet of Things system. We have designed and programmed advanced so called counterfactual econometric methods to allow a configuration of the system at any possible parametrisation. The software allows to simulate the physical and economic set up. Customers who consider to buy an E-vehicle and to potentially fuel it with home produced electricity from the solar panels and stored in the home battery can calculate the costs of the prospected system given the parameters of their home situation. The parameters may include electricity consumption, expected sun shine periods or E-vehicle usages. The simulation of the resulting costs and performance of the system may help to decide for example whether a petrol based or electric vehicle pays off or whether a home battery is advantageous or not and how large the solar panels should be. There are many possible configurations suited to represent the needs of a consumer who wishes to set up modern energy and mobility system in their homes.

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