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We are ready to build digital twins of any kind of system.

The first one has been built for a large German car manufacturer. It connects as an Internet of Things system to the live data of 20,000 home batteries and solar panels and allows to simulate the physical configuration and the economics of such systems combined with E-car usage scenarios.

Who needs this kind of software?

You are selling E-vehicles and you want to extend your offer by selling to your clients so to say the petrol station as well, i.e. a solar system and home battery and a wall box to "fuel" the E-vehicle.

Or you are building home batteries and solar systems and want to show to your clients how your systems allows to decrease the energy costs of E-car and home energy consumption.

How to use it?

First you give in the intended usage of the E-vehicle: the number of trips per day and the like. Then you give in the expected energy production profile and size of the solar panels at your roof top. You finally choose the home energy consumption level. We know from live data typical profiles as predefined choices.

There are many more parameters to choose in order to fit your situation like the financing model of the hardware involved, the price tariffs for selling to or buying from the external energy grid.

The result is a simulation of the physical energy and money flows which give you an idea of the profitability of your new energy system. Break even analysis allows for a comparison of two configuration scenarios.

More possible extensions

We can extend the system infinitely: networks of prosumers, complex accounting schemes, optimisation of the configuration, recommendation systems based on behavioural data and many more features are thinkable. Your imagination is the only limit.

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