Be part of the Reflexive Revolution of Organisations

Is your product a complex mixture of human actions, economics, technology and code? Do you provide complex models to your clients? Energy communities? Virtual power plants? Complex banking solutions? Auction systems? Any other complex organisation?

Then you might be interested in the OiCOS Technology.

There are different points of view on them.

- Modelling is the activity of solving problems in teams.

- OiCOS enables a division of labour in modelling

- because our models are compositional and by that

- the organisation by a division of labour
- can be synchronised with 

- the division of labour in thinking about the organisation.

Synchronised operations and management

Larger models and organisations can be assembled from smaller ones developed in separate teams. This applies to business and organisational models of companies or energy communities as well as to economic models of virtual power plants, monetary systems or economies as a whole - all of which are themselves organised by a division of labour.

The technology we are working on, takes modelling and design, governance, reorganisation and adaptability of organisations to a new level. The benefits are higher speed of modelling, lower costs, higher quality and efficiency of organisations by a better use of information and knowledge of domain experts. But probably most importantly, you get higher identification of members with the organisations they belong to and contribute to.

OiCOS is currently a deep tech one-sided platform where we offer consulting and models of organisations. In such projects, we develop our economic modelling engine and for the future we envision the platform becoming a two-sided platform where the economic engine is used by model providers in the OiCOS ecosystem. One of them might be your company for your own organisation or for others who may be interested in your way to organise.

Please contact us for a consulting project

to integrate the IT of OiCOS modelling technologies in your product and organisation.