Dr. Viktor Winschel, Founder and CEO

  • Money Theory and Political Econometrics

  • Inventor of the Economic Engine

Viktor's personal website

Eduard Bretthauer, Business Development

  • Investors Relation

  • Sales and Customer Relations


Prof. Dr. Florian Heiss, Econometrics

  • Microeconometrics

  • Numerical Methods

Chair for Statistics and Econometrics

Prof. Dr. Philipp Zahn, Mechanism Design and Game Theory

  • Behavioural Economics

  • Experimental Design

Philipp's personal website

Dr. Evguenia Sprits, Monetary Economics and Game Theory​

  • Mechanism Design

  • Custom and Crypto Currencies

Prof. Dr. Neil Ghani, Mathematics

  • Programming Language Design

  • Open Games

Neil's personal website, MSP Group (Mathematically Structured Programming)

Dr. Jules Hedges, Open Games

  • Mathematics

  • Computer Science

Jules personal webblog

Dr. Renée Menéndez, Economics

  • Macroeconomics

  • Money Theory

Renee's personal webblog

Research Publications

Uncertainty Quantification and Global Sensitivity Analysis for Economic Models

(2019), Quantitative Economics, (preprint), Bruno Sudret, Stefano Marelli, Daniel Harenberg, Viktor Winschel

Compositional Game Theory 

(2018), Logic in Computer Science, (preprint) Neil Ghani, Jules Hedges, Viktor Winschel, Philipp Zahn

Higher-Order Decision Theory

(2017) Algorithmic Decision Theory, (preprint), Evguenia Winschel, Philipp Zahn, Jules Hedges, Paulo Oliva

Selection Equilibria in Higher Order Games

(2016), Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages, (preprint),  Philipp Zahn, Jules Hedges, Paulo Oliva, Viktor Winschel, Evguenia Sprit

Coalgebraic Analysis of Subgame-perfect Equilibria in Infinite Games without Discounting

(2015), Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Samson Abramsky, Viktor Winschel

Solving, Estimating and Selecting Nonlinear Dynamic Models without the Curse of Dimensionality

(2010) Econometrica, Markus Krätzig, Viktor Winschel

Likelihood Approximation by Numerical Integration on Sparse Grids

(2008) Journal of Econometrics, Florian Heiss, Viktor Winschel

Public Deficits and Borrowing Costs: The Missing Half of the Market Discipline

(2001), Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice, Friedrich Heinemann, Viktor Winschel

A Coalgebraic Semantics of Compositional Games in Economics

(2013), arXiV, Achim Blumensath, Viktor Winschel

The Empirical Analysis of Exchange Rate Regimes and Nonlinear Structural Econometrics

(2005), PhD Thesis university of Mannheim, Viktor Winschel



Dusko Pavlovic, Brendan Fong, Bob Coecke, Samson Abramsky, David Spivak and many more at Oxford, MIT, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Hawaii and other universities, research institutions and think tanks