Living beings and their social systems are precious and

they are not like machines.

One needs to understand the difference

to improve how to take care of them.

At OiCOS we develop the mathematical and software tools

to take care of social living systems and their economies.


System Intelligence for Digital Economies

  • We implement software for human-machine-nature systems.

  • These social living systems are the most complex systems we know and they are in need of the most ambitious efforts.

  • The technologies we develop involve databases, accounting and interaction systems up to governance systems based on latest cybernetic ideas.

  • Our research unites the most avant-garde sociology, economics, econometrics, AI, biology, physics, programming language design and mathematics.

  • We cooperate with the best researchers at universities like Oxford, MIT, Vancouver or Glasgow.



  • A simulation software for E-vehicles, home batteries and solar panels (energy prosumers).

  • A simulation software for networks of energy prosumers.

  • An ERP system for a FinTech company running solar and wind parks.

  • Research on cybernetics, accounting systems, numerics and game theory.


Dr. Viktor Winschel

founder, in search of mathematics suited for social living systems

Konrad Kühne

grounds our software 

production process

runs an own company


Prof. Neil Ghani

anarchic spirit for the semantics

of programming languages

Dr. Jules Hedges

crazy enough to invent open games with us during his PhD

Dr. Renee Menendez

the one who understood

what money is

Prof. Florian Heiss

econometric wizard and

master data squeezer

Prof. Philipp Zahn

adopting category theory for game theory

Dr. Evguenia Shprits

St. Petersburgian cybernetics

Isrealian economics

German game theory