System Management

OiCOS is the result of rethinking economics.

The technologies we are using already do and for sure will change forever

the way economies and their information systems are implemented.


Dr. Viktor Winschel

Scientist and Entrepreneur

Founder of OiCOS and Reflexive Economics

The new foundation we are researching for economics and applying in the economy is based on the one of computer science: the reflexive mathematics of Turing machines and lambda calculus.

Reflexivity in cognitive systems, humans and societies allows them to think about themselves and maintain own models of themselves as the consciousness in living beings or their operating systems.

Such models are needed for adaptations to changes in environments but are also indispensable for the design of systems and its environments. Our artificial intelligence technologies (or more properly, structural econometrics) is tailored towards the needs of system design and management.

We want to define the technological avant-garde in the business of building digital twins for the management of human organisations. Our first applications are in the FinTech business of renewable energy networks.