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Systemic Consulting

We offer a systemic approach to the interactions over hierarchies of nested systems searching for transformations that improve your company. 


These are the prototypical phases of a project:

  • Consulting phase:
    (lindnerteam + OiCOS)

    • Orientation within the system at hand

      • What are the relevant systems and their boundaries?

      • What is the internal system within which you and your company are deciding?

      • What is the outer system with other decision makers? 

    • Our consultancy partner lindnerteam offers with circalind a systemic process towards these systemic specifications and the decisions therein

      • ​What are the digital twins of the systems involved?

      • What is non-computable and represents the residual qualitative risk?

    • c. Specification of the digital twin for your decision situation with

      • your decisions and KPIs, like CO2 reduction of your energy production facilities by renewable energy systems

      • the other strategic players (regulation, competition, customers, etc).

  • Implementation phase:
    (adding suitable partners of OiCOS, also research partners if needed).

    • Programming of digital twins

    • Simulation of alternative business models within the digital twin

    • Integration with CircaLind for 

      • continuous monitoring the change of the systemic environment

      • and the qualitative situation and specification of the digital twins.

  • Integration phase:
    (adding an integrator, like Q-nnect).

    • Integration of the digital twins into your existing IT landscapes (like SAP, CRM, production systems, ...) in order to

      • Virtualise the alternative and existing business models to

      • continuously evaluate the choice between both.

    • If necessary, implement an alternative business model with

      • training of the employees and 

      • transformation of your organisation.

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